Winter Cheerleading at NHS

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Nevada winter sports are right around the corner, and what’s a sport without cheerleaders? 

Basketball and wrestling are coming up here soon, and the cheerleaders are just as pumped up for the winter season as the athletes competing on the court or mat. The cheer squads have some returning veteran cheerleaders and have invited some new girls to the mix as well. 

Junior Averie Dobson has been cheering since middle school and has cheered for two years of high school football, and this is going to be Averie’s third year cheering for the basketball team. Dobson has been passionate about cheerleading her whole life. She mentioned that she loved hearing stories about her mom’s cheerleading days and watching her sister cheer before her. 

“My favorite part of cheerleading has been stunting and building friendships with the other cheerleaders,” said Dobson. 

Cheer is a great way to show school support and be involved in a fun activity. 

“I would definitely encourage others to try cheer because you get to meet some great people, and it is awesome to support your school and cheer on the athletes,” said Dobson.

Wrestling cheer is adding another cheerleader to their mix this year as well, sophomore Shieann Flores. Flores has been in cheer since middle school, but this will be her first year cheering in high school. She is excited to experience new things this season.

  “I wanted to do cheerleading so I could be active in the school and meet some new people along the way,” said Flores. 

She also recommended people try cheerleading.

 “Put yourself out there and try new things – you never know you might end up liking it,” said Flores. 

We hope to see all of you supporting our student athletes by coming out and watching the basketball games and wrestling meets this season! Go Cubs! 

Article contributed by Jordan Barrett.

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