3.04 Girls Varsity Track at Dickinson Relays

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The Nevada girls track team competed in the Dickerson relays meet held at the University of Northern Iowa on Monday, March 4th.

The Dickinson relays are held every year and any school that wants to compete in them competes.

A highlight of the meet included Kacie Rewerts placing seventh in the 1500 with a time of 5:01.37. She also placed second in the 3000 with a time of 10:30.22. She broke her PR (personal record) by seven seconds and qualified for the Drake Relays.

Elie Tuhn also had a good day. She placed 47th in the 1500 with a time of 6:02.24.

Katelyn Khounsourath said, “We didn’t always get the places we wanted but we showed how hard we had worked.”

The girls run again on March 18th at an indoor meet at Iowa State.

Other competitors:

Lesly Abarca, 9.76, 60m

Monica Romero, 9.77, 60m

Rebecca Harwell,10.04, 60m

Samara Sharp, 11.20, 60 m hurdles

Jaylyn Schakel,12.90, 60m hurdles

Sydney Mosinski, 30.44, 200m

Katelyn Khounsourath, 33.87, 200m

Ellie Gray, 34.84, 200m

Hannah Thomsen,1:09.17, 400m

Caitlyn Sharp, 1:10.58, 400m

Madison Davis,1:15.29, 400m

Caitlyn Tibodeau, 3:08.03, 800m

Briar Crain, 3:09.20, 800m

Jaylyn Schakel,12-05.00’, long jump

Addisyn Vorm, 31-01.00’, shot put

Madison McGaffin, 27-00.50’, shot put

Maddie Dunham, 25-08.00’, shot put

Article contributed by Caeden DaSilva.

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