9.20 7th Grade Volleyball vs South Hamilton

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On Thursday, September 20, the 7th grade volleyball team played South Hamilton at home. The Nevada A team beat South Hamilton 3-0: 21-15, 21-15, 21-14.

Coach Corey Long said, “The girls did a nice job getting long runs of serves in tonight. They did also did a nice job working on setting up three touches on the ball.”

The B team lost all three games to South Hamilton: 16-21, 10-21, 14-21.

Coach Long said, “I thought the B team really improved tonight, getting three touches on the ball before they sent it back over the net. They are also getting stronger with their serving.”

The C team lost two games: 10-21, and 10-21.

Coach Long said, “I also felt that they looked better playing the ball tonight, and the serves were stronger than they have been in the past.”

Coach Long also said, “South Hamilton only had 14 players so I thought the B and C team did a great job playing competition up a level. Over all the girls did much better job tonight making good passes and getting three touches on the ball.”

Article contributed by Brenden Fredin.


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