Boys Soccer Coach Profile – Todd Sampson

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Coach Todd Sampson is the Nevada boys varsity soccer co-head coach. He has coached five years of soccer and six years of football for Nevada. Coach Sampson also works full time for Midwest Insurance, and he helps on his family’s farm.

During high school Coach Sampson participated in football, basketball, track, and soccer at Nevada. He then went to play football at Wartburg College for four years.

When the soccer head coaching position became open five years ago, it was intriguing to Coach Sampson because soccer, after football, is his favorite sport. He had a great high school experience while playing soccer and learned a lot about the game. Coach Sampson wanted to give back to a program, school, and community that had helped him in so many ways, so he applied for the position.

“Soccer has always been a staple sport in the Nevada community and being able to continue this tradition has been great!” said Coach Sampson.

One of the things he enjoys the most, besides working with the athletes on the soccer field, is being able to teach them more than just the game. His coaching philosophy is as follows; he just wants his players taking shots when the opportunity presents itself. Coach Sampson’s goals for the season are to make the state tournament and improve as a team.

Article contributed by Christian Hawbaker.

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