Sports Management Class

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Sports Management is a class at Nevada High School taught by Cary Thompson and Lori Stephenson. Participants have learned the basics of Photoshop to create posters for the school foyer and have organized a few community activities since the beginning of the school year. Another on going project is to record instructional videos for the core lifts used in the weight room.

The current focus for the students is to write short articles about Nevada sports events. They are currently covering girls and boys basketball at the high school, girls basketball at the middle school, and middle school and high school wrestling.

The students rely on information from quikstats, players, and coaches to create their articles since they are not required to attend the actual event. A normal winter week may see over 20 separate contests, so students may be working on several articles at any given time. Therefore, there is sometimes a delay of up to a week before an article appears on this website.

Articles are automatically linked to Facebook and Twitter, but viewership at cubsathletics alone is almost 400 new views a week.

Students in the class are Lizzie Case, Brayden Bottorf, Dennis Garcia, Ethan Wild, Mason Adams, Sam Abraham, Jack Cahill, Joe DePenning, Chase Lycke, and Omunique Wilkerson.

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About Sports Management 590 Articles
Sports Management is a class at Nevada High School that focuses on aspects of sporting events from promotions, advertising, event management, and reporting. All articles are produced by our students.