8th Grade Girls Basketball Coaching Profiles

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Cary Thompson co-coaches the 8th grade girls basketball team with Dan Tuhn. He will coach 7th grade boys basketball after winter break, and he is also the throwing coach for the high school boys and girls track teams. Mr. Thompson has been a teacher in business education and marketing at Nevada since 1992.

Over the years Coach Thompson has coached varsity football and seventh grade through varsity boys and girls basketball. He believes in developing meaningful relationships with students and athletes.

Dan Tuhn co-coaches the 8th grade girls basketball team with Cary Thompson. Coach Tuhn’s role on the team is to continue to teach the game of basketball so that the girls in the middle school are prepared to go to the high school level and hopefully have some success. Coach Tuhn has coached middle school softball and has been a volunteer cross country coach as well.

Coach Tuhn has had a lot of experience in basketball. During high school in Perry, he was the starting point guard his junior and senior year and earned all-conference honors as a senior. Dan became interested in coaching basketball because he loved playing basketball in high school and his children have really taken to the sport.  It gives him the opportunity to be around the game and his kids at the same time.

Article contributed by Brayden Bottorf.

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