9th Grade Volleyball

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Thursday, 12 October 2017 12:04
Last week, the Nevada Freshman volleyball team participated in a triangular match @ ADM. They were able to beat Boone, but had to go to 3 games. Coach Hansen said, "The girls were playing a lower level of volleyball and didn't focus on their specific skills that make them successful."
They were able to beat ADM in 2 games. "The girls were talking well and playing cooperatively together," said Coach Hansen.
The Nevada Freshman volleyball team played Roland Story on October 3. They were able to pull off a win in 3 games. Coach Hansen had some input on some of the girls. "Bridget, Ashlynn, and Marissa did a GREAT job of stepping in from the bench and bringing a lot of energy to the floor to win the 3rd game!" Great game girls!
The Freshman volleyball team took on Gilbert last Thursday, October 5th. The girls once again pulled off a win in 3 games There was a little lack of hitting coverage but the coaches say that's something they've worked on more since that game. Coach Hansen said they will also continue working on digging balls from deep corners. 
Article by Sydney Handsaker.
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