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Middle School Football Season Preview

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Thursday, 07 September 2017 16:27

Middle School Football Season Preview


The 7th grade football team has very high hopes for this season. All the coaches are excited to lead their teams to victory. Some goals for the season from the coaches include teaching the 7th grade team how to play tackle football with proper technique, to have fun, and develop many new skills. Most of the 7th grade team hasn’t played tackle football so they’ll be starting from scratch but both Coach Corbin and Coach Thompson believe they will be a very good group of players. Coach Thompson says that they are making big strides every day to get better.


The 7th grade roster has a total of 18 players who both coaches believe have a lot of potential. Coach Thompson believes if the team plays hard during practice, they will be ready to take their first game head on against Greene County. Things the coaches believe the players need to improve on include polishing timing of their offensive unit and to keep doing well in live drills. Thompson says that the defense is the biggest strength of the team so far.


The 8th grade football team also has very high hopes for the season after going 5-1 their last season. Some goals for their season include improving on offensive plays, defensive schemes, and some things with special teams. Mr. Baethke wants to be able to teach his players proper fundamentals to help improve in all aspects of the game. He believes winning can be important but not as important as learning the fundamentals.


Some big strengths coming into the season include having good team unity and lots of good athletes returning. Mr. Baethke believes the team plays very well together and it will be a very good season. The team are good in all skills position and they know the way to winning every game if possible. The team isn’t looking forward to any specific game because they’re are planning to take it one game at a time. Before their first game, the team needs to improve on running offensive plays, defensive schemes, and certain aspects of special teams.


Article written by Mason Adams, Chase Lycke, and Joe De Penning.

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